Tips to Beat Candy Crush Level 76

Tips to Beat Candy Crush Level 76Having issues beating Candy Crush Level 76? Follow these Tips to Beat Candy Crush Level 76 like a pro!

It is pretty easy to beat this level once you understand how the candies move. But actually, it is easier than that.

Just focus on trying to get combos. The combos will win this level for you. With 2 or 3 well placed combos, you should be able to move right past Candy Crush level 76.

Focus on making your combos in the right box, but if you get an opportunity in the upper left box, take it. That is the action box where the goal is for the ingredients.

The right area is big enough to work in to make sprinkles, if you can get sprinkles mixed with striped candies 2 times, then you are almost guaranteed to beat this level.

Level 76 is not that hard, you just need to understand how to plan ahead and get the combos mixed together. Do this and you will pass the level easy!

How to Beat Candy Crush Level 76

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  1. I can make the combos and all, but the fruit will not go out the bottom. if I can get 1 to go out,i don’t get credit for it on the chart on the left. very frustrating!

    • candycrusher says:

      Yeah it is tough, the best way to beat this level is to make a bunch of combos but do not use them, then when you get a good opportunity, use the combo to have maximum effectiveness. That is how I beat Candy Crush Level 76!

  2. Linda Hayes says:

    I have another question in addition to the fruit being “stuck” at the bottom in area #2….when the combos, etc. in area #2 go down, shouldn’t everything in area #3 go down, too? Nothing is moving in that area. What am I doing wrong?

  3. Linda Hayes says:

    With the comments, I was able to pass 76. However, I had to resort to buying some lives. I had 2 cherries leave section #3 and I could see 1 more almost down. With 2 more lives, I was able to pass this level. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to move on.

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