How to Beat Candy Crush Level 76

Follow these steps on How to Beat Candy Crush Level 76 and you will be crushing candies like a pro. You need to learn the secrets on how to take out the candies to get the movements down going right to left. Then once you get the flow, it is a matter of well placed combos to destroy the candies.

candy crush level 76This is an ingredient level where the candies start in the bottom left quadrant then drop to the right and then lastly finish in the upper left corner. This means that you should start making combos in the big right area, and focus on making sprinkles and wrapped candies.

If you can put combos of wrapped candies with sprinkles try to mix them in the top section so that you clear out the upper left section first. That should be the primary area to work in. However, if you see an opportunity in the lower left to create a striped or wrapped candy, take it. Create the most destruction of candies possible by creating combos and that is how you will beat level 76 of candy crush.

If you are unable to get good combos, do not get frustrated just keep trying to plan ahead to get the big combo mixtures. This will allow for you to clear out the most candies to get the ingredients all to the bottom.

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